Get to Fast Faster 2023

27-28 September 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

Sewa Pathak Bohra

Vianet Communication

Sewa leads Vianet Communications with an impressive two-decade tech journey. As a Chartered Accountant turned tech leader, she bridges finance and tech expertise, propelling Vianet’s broadband revolution across 50+ cities.

Recognized as Leadership Female of the Year 2022, Sewa and her team introduced Nepal to Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology for the first time, reshaping internet access. Under her guidance, Vianet expanded to 90 cities, 51 branches, and a team of 1500+, championing inclusivity and innovation.

Sewa’s commitment to women’s empowerment inspires breaking barriers. Her strategic vision fuels global discussions on emerging market broadband. At Vianet, she drives innovation, customer satisfaction, and a seamless digital future.