Get to Fast Faster 2023

27-28 September 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

Bevin McIntosh

Portfolio Manager, Access Electronics

Chorus are the national wholesale network provider in New Zealand. Chorus have driven the concept of the fast and congestion free open access broadband network. Fibre and copper connections are available in urban and rural for residential, business and many other uses. Connections can be “sliced” for broadband, voice, TV, education, Wi-Fi and backhaul use cases like IoT, smart cities and mobile backhaul.

Bevin McIntosh joined Chorus in 2012 when the new national communication infrastructure company was formed upon separation from Telecom New Zealand.  In his career, Bevin has overseen the introduction of and transition to new access technologies multiple times. As Portfolio Manager, Access Electronics, he and his team devise the access strategy, set the business plan, manage the investment, design new technologies and solutions before managing the access asset lifecycle for Chorus New Zealand.

Bevin has over 30 years’ experience in telecommunications and IT, having held access technology leadership roles for Chorus and its predecessor, Telecom New Zealand.