Unfinished Home Wi-Fi story: The on-going quest for improvement in Nepal

Samit Jana
, WorldLink Communications

Having joined WorldLink in 2002, Samit currently serves as the Group CTO at WorldLink Communications.

Within the company, he is recognized as a distinguished technical evangelist, actively contributing to the development of new products and the establishment of new ventures. His expertise has also earned him acclaim as a most recognized and trusted ICT expert in Nepal. Notably, he is the visionary behind NETTV Nepal, the country’s first OTT IPTV provider, and is currently spearheading the creation of several world-class Datacenters and Cloud infrastructure under the name DataWorld in Nepal.

Samit also holds a position on the Board of Directors for Nepal Internet Exchange (NPIX), the first and the only internet exchange platform in Nepal. Furthermore, he takes on the role of President within the Network Operators Group of Nepal (NPNOG), a non-profit technical community.