Get to Fast Faster 2023

27-28 September 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Pre Conference

5:30 pm7:30 pm

Welcome drinks

Wednesday 27 September 2023

Conference Day 1

9:00 am9:10 am


GTFF event host Chris Brown

9:10 am9:20 am

Welcome remarks

John Harrington Senior Vice President and Head of Asia-Pacific and Japan, Nokia

9:20 am9:30 am

Investing for growth

Sandy Motley President of Fixed Networks, Nokia

9:30 am9:50 am

25GS-PON Strategic Broadband Plan

Dr Lee Rong-Ruey Managing Director, Broadband Networks Lab, Chunghwa Telecom

9:50 am10:10 am

Fiber for Everything

Geert Heyninck Vice President, Broadband Networks, Fixed Networks, Nokia

10:10 am10:20 am

Introduction to Demos: GET TO FAST, FASTER – LIVE!

Nemanja Pilipovic Market Development Lead, APAC, Fixed Networks, Nokia

10:20 am11:00 am

Morning Break & Interactive Demonstration Zones Visit

11:00 am11:20 am

Evolving to Multi-Gig services: Why is 1 Gbps not fast enough?

Bevin McIntosh Portfolio Manager, Access Electronics, Chorus

11:20 am11:40 am

10-in-10: Ten technology trends for the next decade of broadband

Ed Harstead Lead, Technology Strategist, Fixed Networks, Nokia

11:40 am12:00 pm

Industry insight: Connecting island communities

Phillip Henderson Vice President, PITA & CEO, Vodafone Cook Islands

12:00 pm12:20 pm

Revolutionizing township connectivity: Fast and affordable community broadband

Rich Henn CEO, Fibertime Networks

12:20 pm2:00 pm

Networking Lunch & Interactive Demonstration Zones Visit

2:00 pm2:20 pm

The Future of PON: Solving the challenges ahead

Jochen Maes Head of Nokia Bell Labs, Fixed Networks, Nokia

2:20 pm2:40 pm

Shaping a brighter future of Cloud and Broadband

Liu Zhiyong Deputy Chief Engineer, China Telecom

2:40 pm3:30 pm

Break & demo visit

3:30 pm4:15 pm

Deep dive: The endless value of fiber broadband

Ana Pesovic Marketing Director, Fiber, Fixed Networks, Nokia

Maurizio Severi Head, Fiber Business, Broadband Networks­ Fixed Networks, Nokia

The power of fiber broadband innovations lies in their ability to push the boundaries of speed, reliability, latency, efficiency and massive connectivity. Join this session to hear what’s hot and what’s new on the PON horizon and how it can help you unlock the endless value of fiber. We will cover:

  • Leveraging XGS-PON for success
  • “Fiber for Everything” use cases
  • Next step: Surfing the waves of fiber (r)evolution
4:15 pm5:00 pm

Deep dive: SDN automation in a cloud-native world

Sireesha Kora Head of Cloud-Native SDN Controller Applications & AI/ML, Fixed Networks, Nokia

SDN automation is crucial for the digital transformation of operators. Join this session on Software-defined Access Networks (SDAN) to hear about the wide range of options to operate, automate and optimize your broadband networks thereby reducing operational costs, improving networking experience and expanding your service offerings. SDAN offers tools, APIs and apps in a cloud-native environment: using IT best practices and data-driven insights which lead to less errors and higher accuracy. You will hear about

  • Global SDAN references
  • Altiplano apps for network automation & AIOps
  • Revenue generation using Open Access & Network Slicing
5:00 pm5:30 pm

Break & demo visit

6:30 pm7:00 pm

Networking and boat transfers

7:00 pm9:00 pm

Networking Dinner

Thursday 28 September 2023

Conference Day 2

9:00 am9:10 am

Opening of day 2

GTFF event host Chris Brown

9:10 am9:40 am

Fiber Access moves to Multi Gig: Monetization is key

Eric Festraets Director, Strategic Marketing, Fixed Networks, Nokia

9:40 am10:00 am

Cutting the Cord: TPG’s fixed wireless journey

Cameron Brown Head, Product Design, TPG Telecom

10:00 am10:20 am

Broadband Devices: How consumers experience

Dirk Verhaegen Vice President, Broadband Devices Business, Fixed Networks, Nokia

10:20 am10:40 am

Taking FWA to the next level

Mark Barnett General Manager of Fixed Wireless Engineering, NBN Co

10:40 am11:15 am

Morning Break & Interactive Demonstration Zones Visit

11:15 am11:45 am

Panel discussion: Opportunities & Challenges of Broadband in emerging markets

Eric Festraets Director, Strategic Marketing, Fixed Networks, Nokia

Phillip Henderson Vice President, PITA & CEO, Vodafone Cook Islands

Rich Henn CEO, Fibertime Networks

Sewa Pathak Bohra CEO, Vianet Communication

11:45 am12:10 pm

Smarter broadband for a better experience

Justin Doucette Head of Nokia WiFi, Nokia

12:10 pm12:30 pm

Unfinished Home Wi-Fi story: The on-going quest for improvement in Nepal

Samit Jana CTO, WorldLink Communications

12:30 pm2:00 pm

Networking Lunch & Interactive Demonstration Zones Visit

2:00 pm2:25 pm

Empowering & Accelerating Enterprise DX with Private Wireless

Takaaki Kadono Director, NTT East

2:25 pm2:45 pm

Furukawa & Nokia building an ecosystem to provide comprehensive POL solution for the Enterprise market

Jose C. Alcântara Jr Vice President, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, EMEA, Furukawa Electric Group

2:45 pm3:30 pm

Break & demo visit

3:30 pm4:15 pm

Deep dive: Adding spectrum to the FWA equation

Luis Martin Santiago Head, Fixed Wireless Access Business, Broadband Devices, Fixed Networks, Nokia

Features that focus on capacity, performance and the consumer experience are central to our FastMile FWA solution (HW, SW, apps and cloud-based SW).

In this session we will:

  • talk about the Nokia view on the Fixed Wireless Access market,
  • show our solutions that bring better performance, offer monetization opportunities and enable a better user experience,
  • cover Nokia innovations and advances in mmWave and a customer use case, and
  • highlight the FastMile FWA portfolio evolution and strategy.
4:15 pm4:45 pm

Deep dive: Smarter broadband for a better experience

Laszlo Gyalog Marketing Director, Fixed Networks, Nokia

We are introducing our end-to-end software suite for broadband devices. This software suite helps service providers improve the end-user experience by solving connectivity issues in real-time, before the end-users notice. The software suite also enables new revenue streams, based on value-add applications, and even allows service providers to lower their operational expenses. By bringing the “smarts” into Nokia’s broadband devices, we ensure a better experience, both for the end-user and the service provider. This session will cover:

  • Improving the end-user experience
  • Generating monetization opportunities
  • Making operations more efficient
4:45 pm4:50 pm

Highlights of GTFF 2023

Vimal Kothandaraman Head of Business, APAC, Fixed Networks, Nokia

4:50 pm5:00 pm

Lucky Draw & Closing of GTFF

GTFF event host Chris Brown